+ Partnership for Success

Since its inception, our organization proved its capacity to respond to all the challenges raised by the projects in which it was involved.
Quality, rigorousness and innovation are the main attributes of our activities. All those allow us to keep our promises to transform customer projects into achievements.

+ A New Dimension to Your Projects

From concept to manufacturing - we ensure the execution of the project milestones; we develop every required step and analyze the results step by step. We are focused on customized services addressing specific requirements for our clients.
Our outputs aim to address all the customers’ requirements.

+ Consulting and expertise

We also provide technical consulting services focused on costs cuts and design optimization. Our organization provides support for completing concept technical documentation and offers clients expertise in technical auctions.

+ Virtual enterprise

We have developed over time "virtual enterprise" type projects for Lafarge. This approach allows to optimize safety, ergonomics work and energy consumption, eliminates preassemble on site phase and validates fast the solutions for new projects related to existing structures and/or technological lines.




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Parking Cover
Hook Elevator Implementation
  Parking Cover   Hook Elevator Implementation      
Scaffold for Scraper
  Scaffold for Scraper      
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